Tuesday, 9 May 2017

April 2017

Marcia demonstrated some edgings and shared a number of samples knitted on the single bed and double bed machines.

A challenge was set at the meeting for everyone to try to knit an edging pattern that was partially demonstrated during the meeting and bring to the May meeting.

The competition entry this month was made by Margot. It is a jacket sideways knitted with knitweave pattern and fancy yarns.

The May meeting will have Shirley talking about machine knitting the entrelac technique and demonstrating it on the LK150.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March 2017

At the March meeting Sandra talked about v neckbands and various ways to knit them. A few photos are shown below.

The following are the competition entries for March. The categories and placings will be updated.


Vee made this baby blanket and it came with a request to knit for Guildford's Royal Surrey Hospital Baby Unit.

These were knitted by Jenny on the Passap and are cosy little cross over short neck warmers.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

February 2017

The February meeting topic for demonstrating and discussion was about machine knitting gadgets and accessories. The trip to Bournemouth MK Live was discussed as the group planned to travel together by minibus like we did last year.

The following pictures are the stacking yarn twister that was demonstrated. Samples were knitted up from the resulting fabric and the 3 colours shown.

The yarn produced was not as tightly and evenly twisted as the style of twisters that wind and twist either by manual handle or electric power but did produce a successful fabric with a good spread of the different yarn colours throughout. No uneven blocking, which is what can happen if all ciones are threaded directly through the yarn masts and knitting without any twistingat all.
The competition had 5 entries this month.
1st - Sandy knitted a white jacket with interesting details down the centre back. 

Joint 2nd - Marcia had made a double bed tuck jumper on her Passap in beige although the lighting makes it look yellow and used cut and sew.
Joint 2nd - Janet created a jumper using her garter carriage for textured designs in a brown coloured Forsell yarn.

3rd - Margot made a fine crepe striped skirt

4th - Sandra made a blue raglan jumper in 4 ply yarn.