Wednesday, 16 March 2016

March 2016

Marcia demonstrated magic cable on the brother standard gauge knitting machine. The magic cable is formed from using a tuck stitch where the tucks are positioned using a punch card or electronic pattern. loops from the tuck are picked up and moved in or out a few stitches to form the cabling effects if viewed from the right stocking stitch side of the fabric.

The punch card that Marcia demonstrated and talked about was heavily punched, in fact she said she had marked the squares not to punch. There were so few and seemed easier and less work to identify the ones to be left un-punched.

A few samples were handed out. The main observation about the results was that the cable effect had less definition than a true cable but was still an interesting texture. The other observation was to not press the pattern too much as it was easily flattened and lost its texture. A light  steam or damp cloth was recommended.

2 books were passed around for examples of what others had written on the techniques, patterns and instructions. Marcia went on to demonstrate 3 of the patterns from one of the books.  Marcia also produced some instructions with pictures of samples for everyone to try at home. A few pictures of the samples and books are shown.

This months competition results are as follows.
Beginners group.
1st Jennifer  had created a blue baby jacket with hood in a soft 4 ply acrylic, and knitted in tuck stitch.
2nd Mandie had knitted her first adult complete garment in 25 years! It had overlapping fronts with the top layer across the body and fastened with a clasp near the shoulder. It was knitted in beige yarn.

Advanced group.
1st Janet produced a very professionally finished sweater knitted with a garter carriage and with a cut and sew neck. The yarn is 5 strands of Uppinghams merino 2/30s in blue.

2nd Sue knitted a pair of fingerless gloves in double jacquard in blue and black Uppinghams 2/30s acrylic. The pattern was put together on the DesignaKnit program and downloaded to the Passap. The edging is a striped rib effect with a houndstooth pattern for the body. Thumbs were knitted by picking up 3 stitches at the middle of the seam at the right point and gradually picking up stitches as rows were knitted until correct width then knitted until long enough.

3rd Vee made a cream 3 ply shawl using card 3 tuck stitch and a pretty edging all around.

February 2016

Valerie was demonstrating and talking about making buttons using Fimo clay. It is readily available in craft shops and comes in lots of colours and can be moulded into various shapes for many uses such as buttons. It can also be used to make bigger handles for  machine knitting tools that are easier to use if your grip is challenging due to arthritis or other conditions. Once the clay has been moulded into shape it is baked.

The FIMO compound is made of plastic powder, plasticisers and additives.
While baking in the oven, the plasticiser makes the plastic powder gel; once cooled off, it forms a solid matter

 The pictures and details from the meeting are to be added soon.  Meanwhile here is a link to the website. There are lots of ideas and help.
Fimo website

January 2016

As usual 2016 started with the AGM reviewing what had happened through the year and looking forward with ideas for the year meetings. The schedule is provided on the right. Each February we collect the subscriptions for the year and decided to maintain them at £15.

Stephanie and Vee who had achieved the most votes for their garments during the last year provided a talk about their knitting stories.

The knitting competition votes were cast.
Stephanie won the beginners category with a cute baby hat

The advanced entries
1st was a navy blue tuck lace shawl knitted by Valerie knitted in a type of crepe.
2nd A blue jacket knitted in Grigna from Yeoman Yarns and another Ann Brown pattern.
3rd Marcia had made a jumper and it had been plated.

November 2015

Shirley was the guest speaker and provided an innovative demonstration on weaving.

Competition Results
1st Mandie green scarf
2nd Jenny blue cardigan

1st Shirley - Ann Brown design top plated green and blue with a cream insert
2nd Sue - Ann Brown design, maroon jacket in grigna
3rd Vee - cream v neck top with rose fair isle
4th Marcia with green cowl neck top
5th Phyllis - maroon bed socks