Thursday, 12 February 2015

February 2015

Crochet was the meeting topic and we shared crochet related stories, skills and books. The crochet techniques could be used on their own or as trimmings and embellishments for machine knitted items.

Mandie had found Fauxchet on the internet and provided a demonstration. Valerie demonstrated Tunisian crochett. A few of us had a go of both types with expert help on hand. The rest of the group brought in their own crochet samples, yarn and hooks to demonstrate and try the techniques.

 February Competition
  • 1 entry by Mandie who made a very colourful neck warmer 

  • 1st Marcia with an Ann Brown jacket with the famous 14,000 rows of cord and handknitted into cuffs and bands. Standard gauge using 3 strands of french crepe.
  • 2nd a childs fairisle cardigan by Sue who adpated a handknit pattern and used LK150 mid gauge with double knit sublime merino, cashmere and silk.
  • 3rd Shirley knitted a standard gauge raglan sleeve jumper in green with a lace trim around the bottom.

  •  4th Gillian created 2 childs sweaters in Sirdar Crofter random dyed yarn

Thursday, 5 February 2015

January 2015

Welcome to our first post for 2015! The main topic was the AGM, reviewing our last years activities and looking forward and planning this years.The charity competition will be xmas top/jumper for any size, child or adult.

This meetings competition results:
Stephanie was the only entry and made a  brightly coloured clown. There is long story with this item. The pattern had been found in an old magazine but part of it was missing due to someone cutting out something on the other side of the page. Confident that it could be found from somewhere, Stephanie put aside the yarn and kept a lookout. Well she looked and looked but years went by and no sign of it. I think at least 5 years had passed when Vee joined our group in the latter part of last year and she brought in some magazines to recycle amongst the group and lo and behold THE magazine with full uncut pattern!!

1st - Vee made a pink multi coloured top with garter stitch collar and bands.
Joint 2nd - Valerie made a necklace with innovative clasps from icing nozzles. Have a look at the photo. Sue made an Ann Brown design jacket in Grigna.
3rd - Phyllis with a 2x2 rib hat and scarf.

Yes it is an icing nozzle! How innovative is that.