Monday, 20 August 2012

July 2012

Phyliss and Joan brought in knitted trousers for everyone to look at with coordinating jackets and tops. Suitable yarn types, amounts, durability, finish and the patterns used were discussed. Their garments were based on Ann Brown's patterns using various strands and plys of acrylic crepe obtained from Uppingham, Yeomans, Undys and Metropolitan.

Importance of individual measurement to obtain correct personal fit and doing the tension square were main points stressed. The knitted fabric was blocked and steamed to pattern. Surpisingly the trousers do not seat or knee at all and after many washes and wears were good as new.
Beginners table of entries and cup. Valerie was voted the winner with the beautiful cowl and Ann knitted the cheerful orange jumper.
Sandra finished her suit at last and Sue showed off her baby shawl and blanket for her expected grandaughter. Voted joint winners!

The experienced knitters cup

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