Wednesday, 13 March 2013

February 2013

 This month we had a session about buttonholes and bands. Sandra demonstrated on the machine.

Hints and tips on buttonholes and bands with plain knitting.
  • If knitting bands in two or more parts knit button band first so you can calculate where to place the button holes on the corresponding band.
  • For round neck jackets and cardigans, do neckband first then button and buttonhole bands 2nd. The front bands run from top to bottom of garment in one neat piece either side and look more professional.
  • To calculate the number of stitches to pick up and hang evenly
    • ( band side rows + welt rows / 5x3) this means total rows divided by 5 then multiplied by 3 are number of stitches to be picked up
    • Hang each end of side for band to be knitted on machine leaving a bowing of about an inch in centre. Then pick up middle then middle of each half, then middle of those, keep hanging the centre stitches so eventually you can pick up the remaining and the result looks evenly spaced 
  • For a 1 stitch buttonhole transfer stitch to either side and leave needle in work
  • 2 stitch buttonhole, transfer stitches to each each side then knit a row and hang yarn below onto 1 empty needle, knit another row and transfer the new partial stitch to right needle then pick up lower thread under new stitch and hang on empty needle   
  • Knitting machine finished buttonholes look best knitted on single bed using waste yarn as pictured below in the 3 pictures
  • The session didn't demonstrate vertical bands or cover them in detail to add tips in here 
  • A good reference with pictures is the pink Brother Knitting Techniques Book section 18 page 79-84   

Half way knitted band, the stitches are picked up when the other side is at the point for buttonholes

Close up of machine finished style
Finished sample band and after waste yarn is removed

 Then we had the usual show and tell competition

Beginners items, iPad cover and socks

Marcia and Sue's items both knitted on e6000 Passap
 the purple item won the experienced group

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