Wednesday, 12 February 2014

January 2014

The meeting started with the AGM. It was Jenny's last appearance another long standing member and sadly we said goodbye and saw two other members fill Jennys and Joans roles. The club is in its 35th year that's a very long time. The club voted to continue supporting the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre in Reading.

The October Challenge is 'anything goes' so get creative heads on and start making!

January Competition Results
1st Sandra - beautiful cream cardigan
2nd Sue  - another Clair Crowston creation
3rd Valerie - mini knitting project

1st Shirley - very 1st Passap knitted item by Shirley from 2 machines she rebuilt into 1 refurbished 

Stephanie brought in a slip stitch problem of leaving unwanted loops across the knitting.

Possibly caused by the twist of two strands going in opposite directions causing kinks. The tucking brushes could also be catching and can be removed. 

Shirley also brought in her Ann Brown suit to discuss the weaving surface after pressing and the sizing of the garment pieces. The fabric is very special the combination of textures and subtle colouring blended very well. She has decided to cut and sew the pieces and will look amazing when completed.

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