Monday, 31 March 2014

March 2014

We have quite a few new people joining or coming by for a few meetings so we decided to demonstrate at the March meeting numerous ways to cast on and off. Unless doing various methods until well tried and tested, some of the longer standing members also forget just how many there are and their uses.

Here are a list of some of the Cast Ons we tried:
  • weaving cast on
  • latch tool cast on
  • ewrap cast on
  • cast on with nylon cord
  • using the brother cast on comb with every stitch
  • using a comb with alternate stitches
There was talk about which ones were open ended and so unsuitable as bottom edges unless hemmed up or another piece of knitting or hem was to be added. Mostly these were used to cast on waste knitting and if used for waste the nylon cord was used for 1 row prior to knitting a closed edge cast on with main yarn. Others were finished edges with some more firm and others more stretchy. 

Here are a list of cast offs:

  • run off on waste yarn for cast off off the machine using various methods like binding off, latch tool cast off and kitchener stitch
  • latch tool cast off transferring and knitting the cast off
  • latch toolcast off through the loops
  • cast off behind the latches
A challenge was set to knit and bring to the next meeting, an item either hat or scarf from patterns that were with the provided notes and using a cast on and a cast off method that was demonstrated.

Whilst introducing ourselves and our machine experience to a visitor we hope will become a new longstanding member, we added up the number of machines we have. It was shocking there are 42 various models between 10 members!! The visitor had not yet acquired a machine so as a club we can provide a lot of information on our experience for them and where to get them.

This months competition.
Joint 1st Marcia a chunky mohair jacket
Joint 1st Valerie with a wave lace design in King Cole yarn
3rd Phyllis knitted a yellow baby tuck lace cardigan


Annette provided the only entry this time, a pink baby cardigan.



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