Monday, 29 September 2014

September 2014

There has been a huge gap in posts due to holidays and because the club did not meet in August, but we are now back on track.

Sandra gave a talk about the charity evening for Octobers Meeting and brought in many patterns and ideas for entries and contributions.
Vee brought along a large pile of past issues of knitting magazines to the club meeting and were eagerly shared between the members.

1st Valerie who had knitted a huge and very different shag pile rug or wrap in vivid green
2nd Phyllis with a neck warmer

This is pretty amazing and the texture is so good. You really wouldn't think it had been made on a domestic knitting machine. It looks like a cosy rug or a very warm throw.

This is a handy little neck warmer. Just pop it over the head and tuck it into your coat or top and it looks like you have a full size garment on under your outerwear.

1st Jenny with a waterfall scarf made with holding position.

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