Wednesday, 16 March 2016

January 2016

As usual 2016 started with the AGM reviewing what had happened through the year and looking forward with ideas for the year meetings. The schedule is provided on the right. Each February we collect the subscriptions for the year and decided to maintain them at £15.

Stephanie and Vee who had achieved the most votes for their garments during the last year provided a talk about their knitting stories.

The knitting competition votes were cast.
Stephanie won the beginners category with a cute baby hat

The advanced entries
1st was a navy blue tuck lace shawl knitted by Valerie knitted in a type of crepe.
2nd A blue jacket knitted in Grigna from Yeoman Yarns and another Ann Brown pattern.
3rd Marcia had made a jumper and it had been plated.

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