Tuesday, 13 September 2016

July 2016

A talk was given about different ways of knitting cables on the machine and using them together for various effects.

The cables were not demonstrated on the machine but a number of samples were shared and passed around the group for discussion. The samples included:
Various widths of cable knitted across a number of needles
Cables crossed in various directions
With needles in and out of work
Using cables to join 2 pieces of work across the shoulders or seams
On pockets
On the rib for a fancy texture
With cords or ribbons threaded through the cables
Cables with beads and other decoration

Some baby garments were made by the group for a local charity.

Advanced only entries this month.
1st  a jacket knitted in teal Grigna from the Ann Brown Versatile Jacket pattern by Shirley
2nd a scarf/wrap knitted with 2 strands very fine yarn in green and grey by Valerie


 Other knitting for another club competition were brought in and shared.


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