Monday, 9 September 2013

May 2013

Well things have slipped as bit since the last blog due to job changes and not being at the club meeting. So to get back on track...

Sandra gave a talk on making pockets.  There were 3 types of pockets covered.

It is possible to knit your garment and add pockets later. Just knit a sample square in the same colour or even a different colour, even try using lace. Start with waste yarn and end on waste yarn. To sew it on use a back stitch and sew through the whole of the open stitch. It can be attached to a length of ladders from leaving a stitch out of work or a lace pattern or from a seam sewn in at the open end.

Another option is to put the needles into hold and just work on the pocket. Knit double the depth of the pocket and then return the needles to working postion and complete your item. Sew up the edges of the pocket, and all done.

The last pocket is also a knitted in pocket, knitted at a 45' angle and fixed into the button band and bottom rib for stability.

This Talk has inspired Sandra to work on adding Pockets;-)

An Ann Brown weekend of knitting is planned for the 9th and 10th of November 2013. Call the club contacts if you would like to attend.

Included in the photo's are 2 tension swatches and these actually were knitted by Sandra - just to prove that she can do a swatch (she normally knits from experience, and she has been very successful thus far;-) 

Competition Items



1st: Stephanie - Pink Scarf in pure cotton



1st - Marcia - Grey waterfall Jacket(Ann Brown design) in Grigna yarn



2nd: Sandra - Cream top (Ann Brown) in 3 strands of Metro crepe

3rd: Valerie - coloured knitted ball with a bell inside

A bit of crafting by one of the members

Ann Brown Workshop

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