Thursday, 12 September 2013

September 2013

August was our summer break, we did not hold a club meeting. All had enjoyed the exceptional summer weather and shared holiday stories and talked about exhibitions visited and those still to come.

The speaker was Ann Brown, showing hems and edges on her garments, talking through techniques involved and considerations for the weight and hang of them. The main points besides the look and feel of the edging was of course the finishing. A well finished jacket with crisp lines along hem and bands, takes a jacket from the basically crafted, to the professional designer league. Just a few hints and tips from an experienced knitter is enough to make it feel achievable and inspire to try something a bit different than usual ribs.

Ann demonstrated the construction of a scalloped hem by knitting one side of a hem on all sts, then using needles at intervals in holding position knitted tucked rows. Fine ribbon was wrapped then knitted before the second side of tuck rows followed by more straight rows.

 The garter bar was also demonstrated for super fast turning for attaching edges and hems.


The competion

Beginners Class: 
Stephanie was the only entry with a tuck lace scarf that was a long time in the making. Much was learned along the way in understanding placing of needles out of work in order for the punchard and tucking to work in the correct places.

Advanced Class:
1st Phyllis crafted a very interesting textured look with a rib and thread lace top

Joint 2nd
Sue knitted short row shaping in varying strands of Hobby and Silky, a Little Posh Frocks pleated skirt
Valerie created a very differnt looking textured knitted lamp shade

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