Sunday, 7 June 2015

April 2015

Marcia gave a very interesting talk about short row techniques and Various uses. There are many areas of knitting it can be used such as:
  • in shaping, casting off introduces definite steps and after joining two edges like this together it can make a bit of an ugly finish. A smoother line is produced when reducing stitches by using holding position then taking off on waste yarn and picking up to join together. This is useful for necklines and shoulders.
  • in necklines it can create a very stretchy opening for children jumpers and provide smoother join with an added neckband
  • creating shaping for bust line darts
  • the back can have added rows in the middle to stop a garment looking like it is riding up
  • godet shaping in jackets and tops for peplums
  • around skirts to give pleating or fullness at the bottom that kick and can be done in contrast colours and yarn thickness
  • around collars to shape and add curves
  • used in intarsia to create diagonal shapes or a triangle of each colour in a sweater front or back. Another way is by creating a diamond shape
  • to produce a swirl or waterfall effect scarf or front of a garment
  • these are just some of the examples of short row use and benefits
Example photos are to be added here later, when I have found some good examples.
Photos are this months competition entries and both are in the advanced group
Phyllis made this woven jacket 
and  has lined it and trimmed
the edges and sleeves
It looks quite effective
 the classic Chanel shape

This photo shows a close up of the
 ribbon weaving trim in a different
 colour to contrast

This picture shows the saddle shoulder
 detail for the jumper made by Sandra below

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