Sunday, 7 June 2015

March 2015

A new visitor to the meeting prompted a round the table discussion about the number and variety of machines we have between us.

Plating was the topic of the month. Valerie talked about the technical side of two yarns, one through the plating feeder and the other through the main bed or the ribber. For those that do not know, one yarn knits behind the other so it gives the effect of lining the main yarn.

Samples were passed around to see the textures and look of the knitting.


Plating Feeder

These are all plating samples

2nd Black jumper in 4 ply and made by Jenny
1st Purple cushion made by Mandie using a garter carriage and edged with green fauxchet.

2nd Pink and brown sweater made by Marcia on the chunky machine. The yarn is a DK and 4 ply twisted.
1st Vee created the blue and green yarns twisted together and made into a jumper and edged in bright acrylic. 

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