Wednesday, 20 July 2016

April 2016

Ann Brown was the speaker in April. Ann had selected a number of garments from her samples and talked about the yarns used and design features. All of the garments for this talk were tops of various kinds. Some suitable for layering and made from simple shapes and others with more tailoring for a closer fit. Here is a link Ann Brown to Ann's website.

The group also takes part in weekend workshops with Ann usually in May and again November. For details please call Sandra her contact details are on the left of the page.

Competition Results
Beginners: Mandie was the only entry and had created a beautiful jacket in a cream yarn. The pattern was created with a circular design and although quite an old pattern looked very stylish for now and not all dated.


1st Sandra with a cardigan in 4 ply acrylic

2nd  Valerie knitted a long sleeved cashmere top in purple

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