Wednesday, 20 July 2016

May 2016

At the May meeting, team member Shirley talked about and demonstrated the LK150 mid gauge machine. The differences with regular standard gauge machines were pointed out such as no sinker posts and there is no punchcard patterning. However it was simple to use, light to carry about so very portable and very good for converting hand knit patterns to be knitted on it.

Shirley had made a few samples and passed them around and then gave everyone the opportunity to see it in action and try it for themselves.

Shirley brought some cones of chunky yarn to sell at the meeting. Stephanie and Vee brought in some pattern books and machine accessories. Sandra showed Ann Browns lightweight striped cardigan from her new to be released pattern that had been seen at the recent workshop. It was knitted in two strands of fine crepe and was ideal for using up ends of crepe cones.



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